Wren 40mm Forged Steering Stem

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Crazy Lightweight, 3D Forged, Aluminum Short Stem for MTB and Road Bikes

Stems are a component easily overlooked on a bicycle. Often times, they only get swapped to change the length for fit. Why else would you change one? Wren seems to think you should because they have designed a stem that is 3D forged of light AL7050 alloy.

Wren forges the stems as opposed to CNC machining as it allows for better grain structure and strengthens the material. What's this mean to you? How about a stem that is significantly lighter and stronger than the one that came on your bike and than most aftermarket stems. Too good to be true? Wren sweetens the deal by making it one of the best values on the market! 

Make your handlebars steer, not swing, short stems allow the bars to pivot close to the fork centre.

  • 3D forged from AL7050, superior to AL6061 for strength, hardness and rigidity
  • 3D forging is superior to CNC, strengthens the material and allows for better grain structure
  • Molds designed specifically to enhance grain structure during 3D forging
  • 4 bolt clamp distributes clamping force over a wider area
  • Torx T20 Chromoly bolts used for strength and lightweight
  • Max torque 5 Nm
  • Available in 6 degree and 31.8 mm bore
  • Matte finish and laser-etched graphics

Rider Benefits:

  • Helps maintain balance
  • Makes technical riding easier
  • Allow more lean back going down banks
  • Shifts you gravity mass towards the back of the bike


  • 3D Forged 
  • Designed with molds intended to increase grain structure


  • Angle: 6 degrees or 17 degrees
  • Material: AL7050 alloy
  • Bar Clamp: 31.8mm
  • Steer Tube Diameter: 1 1/8' (28.6mm)
  • Bolt Head: Torx T20 (6Nm of force)
  • Finish:  Matte Black with laser etched graphics.