BarkBusters MTD Deflector Kit - Yellow

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Leading the World in Hand and Lever Protection

The dedicated team of MOTO and MTB enthusiasts at BARKBUSTERS® are committed to a vision of ongoing development and innovation of new products and continue to manufacture to the highest possible standards. BARKBUSTERS® superior design and quality are world-renowned. After years of requests from the mountain bike and downhill community, asking for handguards for the MTB market, the BARKBUSTERS® research and development team have designed a sleek, lightweight and durable guard. This Deflector set can fit the top or bottom of the MTB Handguard which is sold separately. So add some extra protection to the already outstanding Barkbusters Handguard.


MTB Deflector and Plug Set.
Can be fitted to the top and/or bottom of MTB handguard (Code: – sold separately).
Easy installation.
Can be removed in minutes for a more compact feel.
Deflectors provide maximum coverage from trail debris and harsh environments.
Deflector & Plug Set available in an extensive range of colours.
Includes 4 deflectors, 4 plugs and 8 mounting screws

Tech Specs

  • Height 5 centimetres
  • Length 30 centimetres
  • Width 14 centimetres
  • Weight 300 Grams
  • Product Dimensions 30cm x 14cm x 5cm 

The Deflector Kit is the perfect add on for the Handguard Kit