TOPO4GPS: NZ Topo Maps for Garmin GPS

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Give your map-capable Garmin GPS a shot in the arm with richly detailed and easy-to-read topographical maps covering all of New Zealand.

Topo4GPS offers vector mapping detail for most map-capable Garmin units, equivalent to 50k scale topo maps with tracks, huts, 20-metre contours, waterways, lakes, ground cover, fence lines, shelterbelts, roads, railways and buildings. This special NZ Hunter edition also features DoC hunting block boundaries - so using your Garmin in the field you can be 100% certain whether or not you're within the permitted hunting block.

Includes searchable: place names, roads, accommodation, topographic features, transport terminals and much more. Find nearest: Fuel, food, bank/ATM, hospital, hut, etc. too many to list!

Included in each Topo4GPS NZ pack:

  • Micro-SD card pre-loaded with maps. Ready for use with most map-capable and all x series hand-held Garmin GPSs
  • SD card adapter for use in the Colorado™ and Nuvi™