Gripper Mount GoPro Helmet Mount - Red

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Have you ever spent more time setting up your mount than getting the shot?

Worse yet, have you cringed at the thought of permanently adhering a plastic piece to your shiny new helmet, ride, or other prized possession?

With the all-new Dango Design gripper mount, any object can quickly and easily become a mount. It is time to finally free your GoPro and live life unmounted!

  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras
  • Strong Dual Torsion Spring offers high clamping force
  • Quick-Adjust Camera Mount Post allows 2 axis of rotation for camera adjustments
  • Flexible Front Web easily Conforms to your object
  • Slim and Stiff Clamp Back allows the clamp to be slipped into and secured in tight places
  • Weight 180 grams
  • Dimensions 125mm x 180mm x 76mm

You can swap the clamp and camera around in seconds for your riding buddies to get everyone on the ride.

  • Put it on your helmet
  • Put it on your bike
  • Put it on a branch
  • Unmount and use for freehand video
  • Make the best use of your GoPro